Substance Abuse Professional (SAP)

Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) 3Family Dynamics Counseling can help your company in working with the federal Department of Transportation regulations in three ways:

1- If you choose to terminate the employee for an alcohol or drug violation you can supply them with our name, address and phone number in order to complete a SAP/DOT evaluation in the hope they will re-establish their career.

2- If you decide to suspend, but not terminate, the employee, we will administer the formal Substance Abuse Professional/Department of Transportation (SAP/DOT) substance abuse evaluation and make recommendations for either substance abuse education or substance abuse treatment.

3- If your employee chooses another SAP to administer the substance abuse evaluation, we are able and willing to work with the designated SAP in providing the recommended substance abuse education and/or substance abuse treatment for your employee. In addition, we will work with your company’s Medical Review Officer (MRO). ASAM Level1

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Our Mission Statement

Family Dynamics Counseling, Inc. is a group private for profit practice. Family Dynamics Counseling’s mission is to provide the highest quality evidence based mental health and substance abuse services to the citizens of Southwest Wyoming. Family Dynamics Counseling, Inc provides an array of community engaged services aimed at engaging individuals, couples and families in finding solutions to their problems.